Description de l'atelier / Panel description
Simeng Wang  1@  , Asuncion Fresnoza-Flot, Yali Chen, Jean-Baptiste Pettiers, Wu Yanfei, Yang Fongming@
CNRS : UMR8211

Panel presentation :

Family migration, that is, human spatial mobility for the purpose of family formation or family reunion, is increasing steadily in the Asia-Europe migration corridor. This phenomenon concerns ‘mixed' couples whose members have different nationalities and ethnicities, ‘non-mixed' ones, and parent-child dyads. In these cases, the usual focus of scientific attention is the immigration experiences of the one who moved in Europe (the Asian adult migrants), whereas the viewpoints of their family members such as their spouse and children remain largely understudied. To fill this gap, this panel present findings from recently conducted empirical researches in the field of anthropology, psychology and sociology. Its objectives are threefold: first, to compare the family migration involving Asian migrants in different European countries using an interdisciplinary perspective; second, to identify intersecting factors shaping the family dynamics and experiences of these migrants and their family members, especially through an intergenerational approach; and third, to pinpoint the manifold stakes of migration, of binational intimate relationship, of raising children in migration context, and of growing up in an ethnically diverse society.

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