Description de l'atelier / Panel description
Xavier Mellet  1@  , Safwan Amir  2@  , Sara Legrandjacques  3@  , Julie Abbou  4@  
1 : Centre d'études et de recherches internationales  (CERI)  -  Website
CNRS : UMR7050, Sciences Po
56 rue Jacob 75006 PARIS -  France
2 : Indian Council for Social Science, Madras Institute of Development Studies, Chennai
3 : Université Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne  (UP1)  -  Website
Pres Hesam, Université Paris I - Panthéon-Sorbonne
12 place du Panthéon - 75231 Paris Cedex 05 -  France
4 : CREM/Praxitexte, Université de Lorraine

Panel presentation :

This panel is part of a set of four panels dealing with methodological issues. Studying Asia and Asian communities beyond Asia requires a double system of knowledges. In-depth understanding about the Asian society given on the one hand and disciplinary knowledge on the other hand. This panel aims to discuss the possibilities and the impossibilities of interdisciplinarity, not only within humanities and social sciences (for example between history and anthropology), but also between humanities and social sciences and ‘hard' sciences, when we study Asian countries. From young researchers regarding their own research experience, questions, and findings, this panel attempts to foster reflections on new methodological approaches dedicated to Asian studies. A particular attention will be accorded to the question of “comparison”, and to the “space-time continuum”.

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