Description de l'atelier / Panel description
Shigeto Sonoda  1@  , Yoshiko Nakano  2@  , Yijiang Zhong  1@  
1 : University of Tokyo
2 : University of Hong Kong

Panel presentation :

Globalization has brought about a lot of changes including research environment, fund raising scheme, and the social phenomena themselves. Japanese multinationals are doing their business all over the world with a lot of local partners. Japanese popular culture spread over Asia which makes it possible to compare how different societies consume Japanese popular culture in a different way. More and more people like tourists, degree-seeking students, and immigrants have come to visit Japan, which necessitates us to have a look at the relations between sending countries and Japan.

Thanks to the improvement of ICT and global traffic, research and educational collaboration across national boundaries has come to be easier than ever. Under such circumstances, Japan study experts out of Japan will play, and in fact are playing, a more vital role in Japan studies because local researchers have comparative advantages in understanding “Japan” in their societies with their use of local knowledge, which eventually contributes to the enrichment of the knowledge and understanding of “Japan.”

This panel will focus on emerging new type of international summer programs on "Global Japan Studies,"initiated by the University of Tokyo, which tries to merge Japan studies as study of others (Japan studies out of Japan) and Japan studies as study of self (Japan studies in Japan) . Program coordinators of summer programs on Global Japan Studies will be invited in the panel and the following points will be discussed. (1) What are the contents of the program? (2) What are the missions of these programs? (3) What are the challenges for the programs? (4) How can/should we connect summer programs with regular courses on Japan studies? (5) How research activities and education are connected/disconnected in the programs? (6) What implications can we draw for the development of other type of Global Asian Studies?

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