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Gilles Campagnolo  1@  , Tsutomu Hashimoto  2@  , Santiago Pinault  3@  , Sang Han  4@  , Young Shim  5@  
1 : Groupement de Recherche en Économie Quantitative d'Aix-Marseille  (GREQAM)  -  Website
CNRS : UMR7316
Centre de la Charité, 2 rue de la Charité, 13236 Marseille cedex 02 -  France
2 : Faculty of Economics (Hokkaido University)  -  Website
Graduate School of Economics and Business Hokkaido University Kita 9 Nishi 7 Kita-ku Sapporo Hokkaido -  Japon
3 : Centre d'Epistémologie et d'Ergologie Comparatives  (CEPERC)  -  Website
CNRS : UMR7304
29 Av Robert Schuman 13621 AIX EN PROVENCE CEDEX 1 -  France
4 : Beijing University  (Beida)  -  Website
Department of Sociology,Peking University Beijing 100871 -  Chine
5 : Hanyang University  (
222 Wangsimni-ro, Sageun-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul -  Corée du Sud

Liberalism and Chinese Economic Development brings international contributors together in order to consider economic, political, social and legislative aspects of China's modernization. This volume explores how liberalism is received and perceived, and whether it is adapted or adopted upon the basis of centuries of Chinese civilization and decades of capitalism.

China's role in the global economy is an undeniable force. This book examines both historical and contemporary dimensions surrounding the question of Chinese liberalism, exploring China's economic development in a comparative context. In particular, this text explores differences with the Western model, and more specifically, the relationship between Chinese economic thought and European traditions. This text assesses China's economic development at both a macro and a micro level, and also considers its relationship with its neighbours.

The book answers whether free-trade and capitalistic economic developments are long sustainable without other types of liberal developments? Or is the idea that political liberties and economic freedom are just Western ideologies? This is a uniquely wide ranging book, suitable for scholars of the Chinese economy, the history of economic thought, economic philosophy and international political economy.

The book was published with Routledge in the series "Studies in the Modern World Economy" in May 2016.

Liberalism and Chinese Economic Development rassemble des contributeurs d'Asie et d'Europe autour de sujets economiques, politiques sociaux et juridiques en relation par la question de la liberalisation dans la modernisation (aspect historique, relation avec l'individualisme, pluralisme ou universalisme des valeurs economiques) dans la modernisation chinoise. Ce volume explore comment le liberalisme est recu et percu et si son adoption/adaptation prend sens sur la base d'une civilisation pluri-millenaire et d'un essor du capitalisme de quelques decennie. Volume sorti en mai 2016, Londres- New-York: Routledge.

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