Description de l'atelier / Panel description
Amelia Saiz-Lopez  1@  , Laia Manonelles-Moner, Irene Masdeu-Torruella, Joaquín Beltrán- Antolín@
1 : Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona  (UAB)  -  Website
08193 Bellaterra Cerdanyola del Vallès- Barcelona -  Espagne

Panel Presentation :

The fast and huge movement of products, images, ideas, population and capital is one of the defining characteristics of the global era since the late 20th century. Global flows of objects and people have shaped a diversely complex, ethnically and culturally, societies. At the same time, these global flows are reinforcing the transnational social space. The result of new mobilities is the increase of cultural diversity and dynamism, accompanied by intercultural processes that are also evident in cultural production. From this general approach, the panel proposes a collective reflection on the production, circulation and reception of cultural and social representations about China, understood not as a geopolitical territory but as a concept that gathers and summarizes the constructs elaborate on the image of this country and his population (Chineseness) in the more recent cultural production in Spain (or other countries), as well as in the reception of the Chinese one. Performing arts, visual arts and literature, and other creative works discussed in this panel, contribute to build an imaginary about Chinese that reflects on social issues such as identity, relationship with diversity, sense of belonging, collective embodiment or production of stereotypes, relevant to the analysis of the representations of China at present. The aim of this panel is to show the heterogeneous cultural and social imaginaries and representations of China/Chineseness out of China beyond the dominant knowledge production.

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